Prescription Adderall May Not Be Desirable

Most people who are taking prescription drugs have not found out whether or not they can improve their health through alternative means. There are plenty of people who try to enhance their cognitive abilities and cannot do so through prescription pills alone. It is a shame that people even try this sometimes, but it is nonetheless a way that people operate. If you are trying to enhance cognition, Adderall might not be a great way to go.

In this article, we are going to cover a few reasons why you want to utilize an Adderall substitute to enhance your brain. Instead of falling victim to many of the long-term challenges that people face when taking an amphetamine based drug, it is a good idea for you to consider how you can enhance cognition through these specific means.

Alternatives You Don’t Want to Miss

Some people feel like they are using Adderall because they are trying to get an increase in their mood, feel better, or even just feel the euphoria that comes from an amphetamine. The drug that can help with euphoria and mood without making you addicted or creating other long-term damage is called tianeptine. You may have never heard of tianeptine before, but it is a great nootropic drug that can allow you to enhance your cognition without putting a lot of time and effort. People who think there are tianeptine benefits for mood find that it is way better than an SSRI.

Another alternative if you are thinking you need to improve your cognitive abilities (such as focus and concentration) and you do not want to have the long-term effects of Adderall, you might want to look into a drug called modafinil (also known as provigil). This is a nootropic compound that comes with a whole plethora of benefits that you can take advantage of.

The best part is, the addiction potential for modafinil is not the same as Adderall, which creates all types of long-term health problems. In the long-term, it is not something that you really want to have happen to you. Most of the time, it is a huge problem to deal with these long-term withdrawals or addiction.

Why Adderall is Bad

One of the main reasons Adderall is not healthy for you is because in produces so much dopamine that it can make the dopamine receptors drop off. This makes it so that it is harder for you to enjoy yourself and the day after includes poor mood. People who take amphetamine based drugs in the long term often find that they are unable to recover from the dopamine down-regulation and so they are almost never able to reach the same level of happiness.

To some degree, the drugs are also harmful because it makes the ability to focus impaired as well. People who use Adderall too often in the long term find that they are unable to get the right kind of experience after they are done. They almost never go back to the way that they started with these kinds of situations.

If you are using Adderall and you are not prescribed, it is definitely a good idea to stop using it recreationally. Not only is it illegal, but there are plenty of other substitutes that do not have the same kind of side effects. For the most part, people who are using this kind of drug find that they are able to recover with the right combination of therapy and abstinence. However, there are many who never do. Avoid this drug at all costs if you can do so and keep in mind how to correct the imbalance if you haven’t already.